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“Jeans have a zipper where?!”

Fashion is fashion. We express ourselves and wear as we please. As I previously mentioned in my article, Denim Dreams, I love denim. Everything about the fabric kit stands out to me especially during this time of the year. Trends in jeans are always happening. Last week it was fringes from the bottom cuffs, then…… Continue reading “Jeans have a zipper where?!”

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Coachella Looks That Were Barely There

Coachella has finally entered for 2017. The music festival of the year that actually focuses more on the fashion than the music, in my opinion. Whether we like it or not this festival fashion has made its way into the fashion world for quite some time now. Well known for round sunglasses, crop tops, and…… Continue reading Coachella Looks That Were Barely There

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EcoBonito: Turning The Old Into The New

It’s a beautiful time when we decide that wasted material is not necessarily waste. I recently had the opportunity to become a part of a company called Eco Bonito. Eco Bonito is an online boutique that promotes redesigning old thrifted apparel. Designer, Samantha Hamel, decided to take old pants, shirts, skirts, etc. and create a unique ready to wear…… Continue reading EcoBonito: Turning The Old Into The New

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The Juicy Tracksuit is BACK

We all remember the days when overpriced velour tracksuits were the chicest look a girl can take on. Unfortunately, throughout the years, our once-loved pair has been placed in storage and then ultimately left your overcrowded closet to be tossed away and gone forever. Good news for all of you hoarders who still have their…… Continue reading The Juicy Tracksuit is BACK

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Kylie Jenner’s Pop Up is Making its Way to NYC

As the Kylie Jenner hype continues to rise rapidly, we finally receive the big news of her latest Pop-up store. The super successful Kylie Jenner is finally bringing her store from L.A.’s Westfield Topanga, to the Big Apple. Friday night, Kylie announced on her Instagram that her store will be arriving sometime this February along…… Continue reading Kylie Jenner’s Pop Up is Making its Way to NYC