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OOTN: Lace & Pearls

It’s been occurring to me lately that everyone is wearing the same exact style when they go out. This look is a tight dress with straps somewhere along the garment. I can’t blame everyone for looking the same considering stores pretty much carry the same things with just different price tags on it. For my birthday,…… Continue reading OOTN: Lace & Pearls

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EcoBonito: Turning The Old Into The New

It’s a beautiful time when we decide that wasted material is not necessarily waste. I recently had the opportunity to become a part of a company called Eco Bonito. Eco Bonito is an online boutique that promotes redesigning old thrifted apparel. Designer, Samantha Hamel, decided to take old pants, shirts, skirts, etc. and create a unique ready to wear…… Continue reading EcoBonito: Turning The Old Into The New

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The Shoe Guide That Will Help You Breeze Through Spring

Here on the East coast, we are finally approaching the confusing weather mark. Should we wear boots? Is it too early to take out or flip-flops even though the weather is 75 degrees? It’s hard to distinguish the perfect shoe that will make the winter-to-spring transition flow smoothly. Just as last season introduced, this Spring’s…… Continue reading The Shoe Guide That Will Help You Breeze Through Spring

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Copy Cat: Style Finds for Less

One of my favorite things to do is stalk the luxurious fashion sense that all celebrities seem to have.  Lifestyles of the rich and the famous always seem tempting. Between their perfect outfits, red bottom shoes, and soft handbags for days- there is so much to admire. Staring at the impeccable styles almost every day…… Continue reading Copy Cat: Style Finds for Less