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“Jeans have a zipper where?!”

Fashion is fashion. We express ourselves and wear as we please. As I previously mentioned in my article, Denim Dreams, I love denim. Everything about the fabric kit stands out to me especially during this time of the year.

Trends in jeans are always happening. Last week it was fringes from the bottom cuffs, then it was clear knee pads on the pants. Now we are entering something a little bit less trendy, and a little bit more revealing. There is a new denim trend going on within the denim world and it’s totally explicit.

Vetement’s fashion recreated the Levi’s jeans roughly calling them, “Butt Zippered Jeans”. The style is a zipper right in the center of the bottom, creating a “peek-a-boo” effect (photos shown below). But why? You may ask. I am entirely unsure. All I know is that I struggle wearing low rose jeans and now this is the trend?

Some people are actually for this and are ready for this trend to hit the market. Personally, I will be taking a seat on this one. Nonetheless, here’s to Vetemens taking Levi’s to a whole new level that none of us saw coming.

The zippers that come along the seam can either be zipped up or zipped down for bare butt cheek exposure. So the denim bottoms can either be worn closed or open, it’s for you to decide. At this rate, I wonder what the next trend is going to be…

Thanks for reading! Comment below for thoughts.


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