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Coachella Looks That Were Barely There

Coachella has finally entered for 2017. The music festival of the year that actually focuses more on the fashion than the music, in my opinion.

Whether we like it or not this festival fashion has made its way into the fashion world for quite some time now. Well known for round sunglasses, crop tops, and lots of fringes, celebs at Coachella definitely took it to the next level; or should I say a lesser level?

Sure, the festival is in the middle of the dessert and the sun is blasting on everyone as they party, but what happened to festival fashion spirit? These celebrities decided to wear less than a crop top and short shorts, and instead opted for even skimpier. Some of these looks included bra tops, sheer outfits, and little lingerie articles.

I’ve attached some of the skimpiest outfits I’ve seen yet. Shay Mitchell wore high waisted bikini bottoms with nothing but her hair covering her! She captioned her piece #longhairdontcare. Is this an ultimate fashion statement for festival looks or just a way out of purchasing an entire outfit?

I love all of these celebrities and I am a fan of Coachella looks, but I definitely saw less of an outfit this year. Maybe that’s the trend, but it left me thinking, “where exactly is the fashion pieces? They aren’t there!”

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