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The 70’s Feel

Let us take a trip in a time machine and reminisce on old trends. We see bell bottom pants, striped crop tops, big sunglasses, floral prints, and baggy clothes.

Now, let’s pause and think of trends we see everyday. If we walk into any local Forever 21, you will notice the exact trends we visualized in the time machine. We are totally reliving the 70’s in fashion.

How did I even realize this you may ask? Considering I was born in ’96, I definitely didn’t know the original trends first hand. Sick and in bed, I decided to turn on my TV and watch whatever was on. That 70’s Show was the first to catch my attention and I couldn’t help but think of how cute their outfits were! In my head I was thinking about ways to replicate these outfits. It came to me that this could be easy if we go to the right stores.

After this light went off in my head, I realized every single in-trend look right now is pretty much a throwback. Whether we are thinking of flared jeans, fringe purses, embroidered mules, or suede fabrics. The 70’s movement is here and i’m ready to embrace in the groovy past. For the past few seasons, crop tops have been in. As I was watching this, crop tops were in almost every female outfit on the show.

Crop tops began in the 70’s and recently made their comeback. Not only crop tops, but high waisted bottoms and fringe had their appearance quite some time ago. It’s interesting to see these trends reappear as “the newest, hottest trends” when in reality they have already had their shine.

The newest trend to make its way back is suede fabric. Everywhere we turn, we see someone wearing suede. This look originated in the 70’s and is just now making a comeback. Fashion trends recycle as we all already know. The 70’s were definitely a time of fashion and I love that the trends are back and ready.

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