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Floral Takeover

Have you ever thought of really pulling off an all floral outfit? I figured that anything floral will remind me of my grandma’s curtains or a dining table cover. I needed a look that screamed formal, but in a subtle way. I didn’t want to wear a typical long black dress for this formal event I had to attend, so I decided to think outside of the box.

I knew I needed a long dress, so that narrowed down my options by a few. Color? I couldn’t think of anything! I thought to myself, ‘not black’ it’s Spring. What reminds me of Spring? Flowers? I can’t pull off a long dress covered in flowers, I’d look funny. Or would I?

I decided to take on the challenge and find the perfect floral gown. I decided to search online on sites like Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Macy’s, but I couldn’t find anything. I took a trip to the mall to find my perfect dress in a store I never had been before: Windsor.

I’ve passed this store plenty of times, but never really felt the need to buy anything. Smushed in the back of the rack I saw a long pretty floral dress! Nothing crazy, but nothing too casual. I couldn’t wear an everyday maxi to this event, but the chiffon material on the dress gave me hope. So, I purchased this dress for only $37.99 and decided to pair it with heels, earrings, and eye make up.

I rarely wear eyeshadow, but I had to dress this look up. To my surprise, it worked! I was instantly obsessed with this floral takeover. It wasn’t too fancy, but wasn’t too casual. It worked perfectly and my image was fulfilled. Be confident in what you wear and it will work out! Spring screams flowers, so why not incorporate them into your outfit?

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