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EcoBonito: Turning The Old Into The New

It’s a beautiful time when we decide that wasted material is not necessarily waste. I recently had the opportunity to become a part of a company called Eco Bonito. Eco Bonito is an online boutique that promotes redesigning old thrifted apparel. Designer, Samantha Hamel, decided to take old pants, shirts, skirts, etc. and create a unique ready to wear trend.

Unlike anything out there, and loving the bohemian aspect of hobo-styled bag, she created the line based on turning the old into the new. As we are all guilty of, we tend to pile up last years trends in the corner of our closet. Little did many of us ever stop to realize, the fabric on our old uniforms could soon enough become our newest addition to anyone’s fashion wardrobe.

As I paired my “Native Styled” bag, (created from an old maxi dress) with my boho-chic outfit, I was instantly astonished. The bag was not only trendy, but was so convenient as it held everything I needed! The not-so-basic look can additionally add some style to any outfit.

As shown in pictures below, I took my simple outfit, and maximized style, serenity, and  of course my ability to be eco-friendly. Instead of waisting my old apparel, I went for an alternate route and took the green step with Eco Bonito. I loved how they recreated an old trend into my newest piece. This company can turn any old apparel and switch it up to the newest statement piece.

For more information on these chic unique bags, check out @EcoBonito on Instagram! Thanks for reading,


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Quote of the day:

“There is no such thing as away, when we throw something away it must go somewhere.”


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