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Denim Dreams

‘Tis the season for denim jackets, denim jeans, and even denim espadrilles! Spring is here and ready for all things bright. Depending on your own style, it’s always a good idea to bring out a nice fresh pair of denim.

Right now is the perfect time to introduce the style as much as possible! As it is totally in season, it’s also a fun, unique way to stand out. I noticed that people usually stick to a pair of jeans paired along with a cute top, but don’t be scared or intimidated to bring out even more than that. Within the fashion world, you make your own rules. Nobody has to follow something that they don’t like.

Fashion is your own personal statement, and if you want denim then, bring on the denim! I found that my favorite pairing is actually wearing all denim with a fresh pair of white shoes. It keeps the simplistic look while making a totally bold statement. On the first day of Spring, although it really wasn’t too warm, I decided to pair my favorite jeans with a denim top. You may be thinking, “denim on denim? A little too much for me.”

It really isn’t. The look was actually so simplistic I would not categorize it as a crazy look. Personally, I think it just represents the season in a bold way without being too over the top.

What I want everyone to take away from this article is to be confident in your own style or look. Don’t be scared of what others may think! Over-doing it on the denim may come off as a new somewhat cool, yet intimidating look to pull off. It really isn’t, it is a totally in trend style that really makes a statement. To hype it up even more, it’s also super comfortable.

If you love a good pair of high waisted jeans- go for it! If you love a nice denim vest- pair it with your favorite accessories! Add denim into your wardrobe for a denim dream come true. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

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