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It’s a Revolution…A Hair Revolution

As we already know, the weather seriously impacts our everyday life. Whether it’s the way we dress, style our hair, the products we use, or anything else- we base it off of the weather. I’ve been noticing that during the seasonal changes, my hair needs special treatment. Lucky enough, my hair is not too hard to control, but I do not want dead hair.

As the weather changes, my hair tends to shy away from the salon-look and dries out. This is a red flag! The way we keep our hair essentially is the way we shape our face. We can compare our hair as the frame of the picture, if you may. The number one thing that I have learned is that hair needs to be healthy. If you are styling burnt out hair, it’s not going to look as good as it would if your hair was alive.

I was never one for hair products. I stuck with shampoo, conditioner, a blow-dryer, and a straightener. I never wanted to add oils, hairspray, gel, etc. It just wasn’t a move for me. I knew I needed to strengthen my long locks, so I decided to try a hair mask. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially because I had never tried anything before. At the end of my trial, I immediately thought to myself, “boy, was I missing out?!”

The ingredients in the hair mask made my hair feel stronger than ever. To clarify, nobody needs to spend a lot of money on hair masks. I noticed certain brands are retailing for more than $75. I purchased my Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask from my local Marshall’s for less than $10. It was a pretty large container that lasted me quite some time.

I followed the instructions and used it twice a week and I immediately saw the difference. The only way I could compare the look was if I compared it to the just-dyed feeling. As soon as hair has been freshly dyed and blown out, it tends to become smoother and shinier immediately. Unfortunately, that process is extremely damaging to the hair. Luckily, this is a healthier route and leaves hair shiny, fresh, and alive!

A tip that my hair dresser told me was to keep the hair mask in overnight. This was a game changer. I slept with the hair mask in (I applied the mask to clean hair then braided my hair), and after washing my hair, it felt so healthy and strong.

This product was a serious revolution to my hair routine. I strongly recommend taking the time to strengthen your hair with a hair mask, because who wants a dried out dead frame when you can purchase a shiny new one, right?



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