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The Shoe Guide That Will Help You Breeze Through Spring

Here on the East coast, we are finally approaching the confusing weather mark. Should we wear boots? Is it too early to take out or flip-flops even though the weather is 75 degrees? It’s hard to distinguish the perfect shoe that will make the winter-to-spring transition flow smoothly.

Just as last season introduced, this Spring’s fashion staple will easily be denim, denim, and even more denim. In order to make those jeans worthwhile, they need an in-trend sidekick to complete the look.  As we take a closer peak into Spring’s shoe-and-jean combo, we need to make the most stylish decisions.

Whether your a minimalist, a heel-lover, or a sneaker girl- take some advice and start your spring cleaning a bit earlier. Toss aside last year’s shoes, and step up your shoe game with these new styles that are perfect for everyone. Why not start some shopping a little early?

Glide over the images for more information on Spring’s Best of 2017:


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