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Copy Cat: Style Finds for Less

One of my favorite things to do is stalk the luxurious fashion sense that all celebrities seem to have.  Lifestyles of the rich and the famous always seem tempting. Between their perfect outfits, red bottom shoes, and soft handbags for days- there is so much to admire. Staring at the impeccable styles almost every day inspired me to find my own sense of luxurious, yet affordable styles.

The only difference you may ask? I’m a broke college girl without an unlimited bank account for shopping sprees- it’s almost impossible for someone like me to copy those exact looks. But, what is not impossible is to master these looks without breaking the bank. Their are other alternatives that could work without going to high-end shopping malls or shopping on 5th Avenue. Stores like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara are super great options to master any style sense you may have.

Don’t worry about lusting over the high-end designer brands on your Instagram feed. We don’t need a graphic tee that costs $400. With the right research, we can save our money and adore the similar look for much less.

Some examples below.


Kendall Jenner’s silk scarf costs $185 from Gucci. How cute!? But can I drop $200 on a 4×4 silk scarf? Sadly, no. But, I can afford Urban Outfitters for 9.99!


Kylie Jenner’s Python shoes by Taxidermy are $895. These super similar shoes are under $10 at H&M.


Miranda Kerr wearing her $22,000 Cartier Juste Un Cloui Bracelet and then we see Coco Loves Rome has an almost identical bracelet for only $22.00. Hmmm now that sounds almost like a dream, right?


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