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Style tips for extra petite girls

It’s not everyday we see petite short girls rocking extra long pants and showing off their “model-esque” outfits. Sometimes it’s super hard being 5″01 and confidently mastering every single unique outfit. Especially now that jumpsuits and high waisted pants are totally in- all of us short girls need to stick together and show ourselves off with any style we please.

Being petite tends to be a slight issue when shopping, most importantly for bottoms. We always come to the struggle when we stare at the windows and just instantly walk away knowing fun wide bottom pants won’t look good on a small girl like me. But we cannot think like that! Although we don’t have super long legs and long torsos, we can totally pull off any outfit if we style it right.

No need to be intimidated by unique styles- I know that with the right outfit we can successfully pull of those wide leg pants. The truth is, if we pair wide leg pants correctly- any small girl can pull it off. What I found to work best is pairing together tight crop tops with wide pants while adding your favorite heels. In order to shy away from looking like we are taking a quick swim in our pants, we need to break up the pants with the shirt by showing off some skin.

There is no need to show too much skin, but a tight crop top can make this outfit look casual and fun. If your not comfortable showing off some skin, replace the tight crop top with any tight body suit to master this look. I have attached a quick style guide above to show all short girls the way to pull of the fancy pants look perfectly.



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