Holiday Looks

The groundhog has spoken- Winter is here to stay

Groundhog Day 2017 has officially made its announcement. We are getting spring a bit later this year. We can complain about the longer cold days or we can simply embrace it. Although we all love spring outfits, we now have a little bit of extra time to squeeze in our last-minute winter layering!

Everyone loves winter layering. Whether its preppy collars, bulky blanket scarves, or furry vests- the possibilities are endless. With the last month of winter left, we need to perfect these layers because really… who doesn’t love layering?! Not super savvy when it comes to layering? It’s no big deal. I’ve gathered a few tips to guide you through the end of winter.

  1. Solid turtle necks and fuzzy bombers are for sure to keep your cold days warm and comfy.
  2. Tight long sleeves with bulky blanket scarves paired with a trendy beanie can make your long days a lot toastier.
  3. Cuddling at home next to the fireplace? No problem. A cute baggy sweater and leggings pairs perfectly with knit high socks and fingerless gloves if you’re really chilly.

Layer up, bundle yourself, and forget about the cold. Thanks to our little friend the groundhog, we have time to figure out what spring layering trends will consist of this year.


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