Holiday Looks

Outfits that Scream Valentine’s Day Without Being too Cheesy

Love is in the air and all we seem to think about is that same red tie your boyfriend is going to wear along with the red dress you had planned for a few weeks now.

In order to stay original, it’s time to master your red hot outfit and celebrate the day of love in style. Whether you’re going out on a nice romantic dinner or hitting the town with your best friends, these few tips will help you perfect your V-day look.

1. Always break out the color in a new way. It’s a little to cheesy to constantly wear the same red tight dress year after year.

2. Graphic tees are old. We get it you are a heartbreaker. Now it’s time to throw that tee aside, and grab a nice pair of ripped jeans, a bold red shirt, a chunky necklace, along with your favorite shoes. Paint the town red with all your best friends this Valentine’s Day ladies, litterally.

3. Lips, hearts, and kisses tend to seem a little too desperate. If you want to add a print along with your look, plaid is the way to go. Black plaid and red match perfectly together and scream winter chic. This combo can be perfect for a romantic night at a fancy restaurant or even at your local place. It’s the best of both worlds- classy and casual.

4. Lastly, have fun with it. Although we want to stay away from being a Valentine’s Day cheeseball- create the outfit that works best for you. It’s always a good idea to keep in mind that they’re are plenty of other days after Valentine’s Day. Buy an outfit that you can repeat, recreate, or wear any other day.


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