Style Tips

The Sweats Lovers Guide to Looking Stylish yet Cozy

The weather is dropping, and so is our motivation to perfect our everyday outfits. As we get up in the morning, we think to ourselves “how can I possibly put on tight jeans, booties, and a cute shirt along with my makeup routine?!”

It may seem much more simple to throw on a quick pair of Victoria’s Secret sweatpants and your favorite Haynes t-shirt, but DON’T. These cozy clothes may seem tempting, but there is a better alternative to achieving your comfy day outfit by looking entirely stylish.

No need to be fooled by those loose fitted sweatpants, but they can actually look totally cute and put-together with the right pieces. The idea of tight and loose go hand-in-hand. Never wear loose fitted sweatpants with an overly sized baggy sweatshirt. This will lead you to looking like you just rolled out of bed. Always pair your loose fitted, solid colored sweatpants with a form fitted t-shirt and an accessory. Your accessory could be a cute sweater (yes comfy, cute cardigans do exist) along with your favorite beanie. If you are feeling extra daring, pair your sweatpants with a tight tee along with your favorite leather jacket and just watch your old loungewear turn into something much better.

Another alternative is a sweat-duo outfits. Pacsun has finally released the softest, yet casually neat pairs. This sweatshirt sweatpants duo is ready to save your cold drearyย day by allowing you to be comfy chic this winter.

With these few tips, sweatpants can easily be worn far beyond your classroom or Wegmans. Whether dressed up with leather or dressed down with a beanie and cardigan, these pairs are every bit as chic as they are comfortable.


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