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Kylie Jenner’s Pop Up is Making its Way to NYC

As the Kylie Jenner hype continues to rise rapidly, we finally receive the big news of her latest Pop-up store. The super successful Kylie Jenner is finally bringing her store from L.A.’s Westfield Topanga, to the Big Apple. Friday night, Kylie announced on her Instagram that her store will be arriving sometime this February along with exciting news on her Valentine’s Day line.

The anticipation is growing…

Unfortunately, many dreams were crushed and hearts were broken when people found out that the pop-up store wasn’t arriving near their hometown. On the bright side, everyone in the tristate area can properly prepare themselves for what’s about to come.

For all of you who aren’t updated on the life of Kylie Jenner, here is what we can expect: a crowded store, a beautiful wall of Lip Kits, Kyshadows, a selection of Kylie’s Fashion line and much more. Did I forget to mention the most important line of all? Very long, long lines.

So New Yorkers, get ready because Kylie is about to make her second Pop-Up entrance.

Another side note: *Attention boyfriends and girlfriends* Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and as many lip kit lovers know, she has recently released her Valentine’s Day line. So, if you are truly dedicated to your girl and want to spend your day in the cold street on New York to buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, get ready to bundle up and follow up to know the exact dates and times. Your girlfriend will truly love you.

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