Introducing something Simply Fashionating:

As my first post, I won’t be writing specifically about one thing. It’s my goal to express the creative mind about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, & for the majority: my every day life. As a frequent city-goer as well as a suburban private college student, I come across a lot of interesting things. The mean streets of NY.. How do you explain that? Most importantly it’s a jungle of people.

A beautiful jungle… People who are not afraid to express themselves in the most utmost way. Turn left, you see a business woman on her iPhone 6 Plus in a sleek Dolce suit wearing her classic Chanel cross body holding on to her brief case. (AKA my dream) Then, you look to the right and you see a naked cowboy/cowgirl smack in the middle of Time Square.

It’s an interesting city, but for the most part it’s unique, chic, & beautifully important to me. Being bowled over by these different looks while inhaling the smell of Nuts 4 Nuts, people, & buildings, you come to realize this is either for you or not. For me, it definitely is.

On the other hand, we have my alter-ego: an ultra preppy private university right in the suburbs of Long Branch NJ, overlooking the entire ocean. The nature is so pretty.ย The landscaping on campus changes week by week. The ocean tide smell surrounding you at all timesย & most importantly the outfits.

We have the typical students, primarily there to party all night then go to class hungover ย just in hopes to make it out again for the next night & somehow receive their degree. Then we have the college students, there to shape themselves into a hopeful individual taking on the adult-life “American Dream” everyone dreams of. You see students dressed in a minimalistic look everywhere, topped off with a fashionable designer backpack or skating to class on their penny boards with their Burberry satchel across them.

These two different lifestyles have impacted my personal view on individuality. Although we may not realize it, our sorroundings shape who we are & who we become. I have different cultures, styles, designs, and people sorroundings me at all times. Each person has a unique impact which ultimately impacts the fashion lifestyle. So for me, that means my take on fashion is bits & pieces of my every day life. Which we will all soon find out. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


Quote of the day:

“Being unique in every way is beautiful in its own respect”



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